Leagues & Drop in Games

As a member of Lakelands Golf & Country Club, there is always something to do, from golf events to social gatherings. Join a Golf League for exciting rounds with some friendly competition of other club members. Get to know other members and improve your game.

Every week there are drop-in games to participate, if your looking to play and are solo. Our drop-in games have names of "Burners", "Boys", "Champs" and "The Ladies". 

  • Men's
    • Men's League - Wednesday Evenings

      A group of Men that play on Wednesday Evenings from May – September with a 5:15pm Shotgun. Minimal sign-up fee. Substitutes are needed.

      Weekly Drop-In Games

      Every week there are drop-in games to participate in if your looking to play and are solo. Our drop-in games have names of "Burners", "Boys" and "Champs".


      This group of men tee-off early on Saturday and Sunday mornings at 7am.


      The "Boys" play Wednesdays and Fridays at Noon; and Saturday and Sunday mornings at 9am.


      A Senior group of men that play Wednesdays at 11:30am and Saturdays at 10:30am.


      Men-only golf tournaments include: Men's Opening Day; Mini Bellringer; Member/Guest Bellringer Invitational; "Boys" vs. "Burns" Challenge; and Match Play Championship.

  • Women's

    • Leagues

      Thursday Morning

      The Ladies Auxiliary of Lakelands play on Thursday mornings with an 18-hole event, 9am shotgun start. Each event is flighted, based on handicap, with different formats for each week of play. Minimal sign-up fee.

      Tuesday Evening

      This group of ladies, of all ages, meets on Tuesday evenings for a 9-hole, 5:30pm shotgun start. Minimal sign-up fee.

      Weekly Drop-In Game

      Every week, on Saturday and Sunday, a group of ladies tee-off at 9:44am fpr their own drop-in game.   


      Ladies-only golf tournaments include: Ladies Opening Day; Rally for a Cure; Ladies LaBelle Member/Guest Invitational; Grandmother's Tournament; and Match Play Championship.
  • Junior's
    • Junior Golf Program

      The schedule for Junior Golf is complete and we are inviting all children and grandchildren of golf memberships to join us! We meet every Tuesday morning, (time depending upon age) and enjoy some golf instruction, golf trivia, and then we play some golf!  Minimum entry fee per child.


      Children and Grandchildren of golfing members are eligible. Junior golfers must be 7 years old and/or have completed first grade to enter the program. Juniors may continue to participate through the summer of their 18th birthday. The Junior Golf Program is unavailable for Social and Lake members


      Each week the program learns a new golf including etiquette, rules, club alignment, iron play, driver play, putting, sand play and much more.

      Special Events and Tournaments

      Junior golf only tournaments include the Junior Stockwell, Skills Challenge Competition, Club Championship, Junior Fun Day and Family Scramble.


  • Couples
    • Couples League

      This is a fun social league with the opportunity to meet new people in a relaxed atmosphere for golf. Couples play on Friday Evenings with a 5:30pm Shotgun. After golf, the clubhouse can be just as fun as the golf itself. Great food and excellent service await the hungry golfers.


      Couples only tournaments include Couples Challenge, Husband & Wife Championship and Couples Glow Ball.
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